Best CSR Initiative in Disaster Response

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A Distinguished Tribute to EPYLLION GROUP CSR. Natural disasters and the execution of planned

mitigation, prevention, and response are vital parts of any developed society to protect lives and

resources. Epyllion Group’s CSR has always been primed to reach out to victims of humanitarian

crises. Each year Epyllion Group reaches thousands of people with humanitarian support. Flood, Cold, Covid responses including other responses are part CSR project Joy of Giving. On 26th November, 2023 in “A Better Tomorrow CSR Award 2022” Epyllion Group’s CSR has been profoundly awarded as the Best CSR Initiative in Disaster Response, organized by Daily Star & CSR Window. By achieving this honor, Epyllion's CSR efforts have elevated the standard. Epyllion's CSR will maintain its momentum in the coming days with its contributions toward creating a better society.