Amader Kotha

Our in-house Publications, "Amader Kotha" and "Amader Choto Kotha", is a quarterly publication that gathersinspiring stories of our employees, volunteer and CSR activities and engagement (art, poems, stories) with Junior Epyllion.

The main driving force of Epyllion is our people. The quarterly publication, Amader Kotha, is engaging all employees - from the factory floor to the Management Board - to tell stories, create content and discuss positive changes needed in the organization and in our lives for the last 13 years.

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Our Achievements

Connecting through poems, art, stories and interviews, Amader Kotha (Our Story) has been published quarterly for the last 13 years to connect the 17000+ employees of Epyllion group.

Coming from and working in, diverse backgrounds, this platform gives a way to for everyone to not only grow and express their creativity, but also communicate changes they feel is necessary to make lives better.

Our CSR Projects

We always strive to ensure that help is provided where it is needed the most

Our Stories

Read Inspiring Stories of People we work with


Guardian of Dreams: Alamgir Kabir's Journey

By admin

Alamgir Kabir's journey from a humble security guard to a potential law advocate is nothing short of an inspirational masterpiece that reminds us all that determination and hard work can rewrite the script of anyone's life..

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