Joy Of Giving

From Climate Change to mass immigrations, we are always one of the fastest esponders in the CSR industry of Bangladesh.

Our contacts all over Bangladesh, including government entities, local volunteers, employees and suppliers make it possible for us to increase impact by providing support right when it is needed.

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Our Commitment

Since 2015, our ultimate goal has been to assist families and communities in returning to self-sustainability after a disaster.

To do that, our teams utilize various initiatives, including organizing volunteers in debris removal and cleanup, distribution of building materials, income generation projects, agricultural training, and assisting in the rebuilding process. We continue our work for months — sometimes even years — to bring immediate and long-term relief to those who are suffering.

Our CSR Projects

We always strive to ensure that help is provided where it is needed the most

Our Stories

Read Inspiring Stories of People we work with


Guardian of Dreams: Alamgir Kabir's Journey

By admin

Alamgir Kabir's journey from a humble security guard to a potential law advocate is nothing short of an inspirational masterpiece that reminds us all that determination and hard work can rewrite the script of anyone's life..

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