Why Body Mass Index (BMI)

In order to take care of our own employees who spend 80% of their work time in a sedantary position, this CSR initiative focuses on Body Mass Index (BMI) Testing and a personalized diet plan to ensure a better and healthier workplace.

Employees in desk jobs spend upto 9 hours a day (approx. 1620 hours per month) in a still, sedentary position. This can eventually lead to obesity-related diseases such as cardiac, stroke or joint complications. The BMI checkup, held annually, checks their daily activities into consideration alongside diet, weight and height and advises and/or prescribes what is needed to lead healthier lives.

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How this Helps

Under this project, the employees will be benefited by get a total solution to maintain individual BMI with recommended diet chart.

Diet Charts of 1200 Calorie, 1500 Calorie, regular diet chart, intermittent diet Chart and special diet chart for thyroid and diabetic patient. All participants who filed their profile BMI into BMI program came with an internet to shape their body for a fit life. The red marked participants will be followed up time to time until the next camp held. BMI is a quarterly program for the year round for establishing standard corporate lifestyle.

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